Get Instantly Approved for Funding

Choose to expedite the approval process of your app idea with feature rich Prototyping & Wire-Framing for Proof of Concept.

Get Instantly Approved For Tier 2 Funding​

Get Instantly Approved For Tier 2 Funding​

One time cost for Proof of Concept *RECOMMENDED FOR CONSUMER APPS
  • Proof of Concept Prototyping & Wire-Framing
  • Guarantees you a minimum of 50% in development funding
  • Earn 50% of any net income your app generates globally
  • Professional feature rich custom UX/UI prototyping within 7-10 Days
  • Fast tracks your app idea with instant approval for funding
  • Expedited approval process for iOS App Store & Google Play Store
  • Includes Wireframes & Prototyping involving subject matter experts
  • Receive your NDA & Confidentiality Agreement within 24 hours
  • Qualifies your app to enter seed funding rounds immediately