How do you decide which App idea submissions get accepted to the Fund?

We use these four criteria when judging an application.

Originality. Is it a new idea? Or a new spin on an old idea? Or an old spin on a new idea? Be sure to do your homework. We’ve had some great ideas that had to stop halfway because someone beat us to the punch.

Functionality. There’s two parts of this one. First, does it take advantage of the unique functions of the iPhone, iPad, or any Android Device? Second, is it functional? Will people want to use it because it meets a need?

Simplicity. Another two parts. Part one: is it simple to use? Part two: It is very hard and time consuming to develop or is it a realistic App idea?

Revenue Opportunity. Will people pay $.99 for it? Will they pay $9.99 for it? Is this the kind of application that advertisers would pay to include their brand in? Will this application generate valuable data? Will it make money? Will it build a user base of millions of people?