Tier 1 accepted ideas will get you 25% of the net income your application generates for Mobile App Fund. Tier 2 approvals get you 50% and Tier 3 approvals will get you 75% of the net income. For example, a top selling application on the iTunes App Store was recently reported to earn about $50,000 a day. So that’s $37,500 a day if you’ve got an idea that could rocket to the top. Not bad for filling out a form!

We will contact you by email or phone to let you know if your idea has been accepted. We’ll plan to meet in person or by phone and see if we would be great partners for each other. From there we’ll get the paperwork going and start working together. You can also follow up on the status via email at info@mobileappfund.com

Click Submit Your App Idea, fill out the form and tell us about your app idea. If it’s a great app idea we will develop free, get it live on App Store & Play Store within 2-6 months depending on the complexity of your app, and share the profits with you. You can also expedite the status and follow up via email at info@mobileappfund.com

We have various ways of generating revenue with great app ideas including In-App Purchases: Offering additional premium features, content or virtual goods within your app that users can purchase. 

Freemium model offers a free version of your app with basic features, and provides options for users to upgrade to a paid version with enhanced functionality.

Subscriptions provide a model where users pay a recurring fee to access premium features or exclusive content.

Advertising can be integrated within your app allowing you to earn revenue through impressions or clicks.

Sponsorships & Partnerships with relevant brands or businesses that align with your app’s target audience. This can involve promoting their products or services within your app in exchange for monetary compensation.

Data monetization: If your app collects anonymized user data, we can leverage it to generate insights or sell aggregated data to third parties.

Each monetization method Mobile App Fund integrates can depend on the nature of your app, the target audience, and your goals. It’s always important to consider user experience, value proposition, and market demand when deciding the most appreciate strategy to monetize your app.

Depending upon complexity, a few weeks to a few months for the highest quality feature rich iOS & Android code. So please, be patient. If you’ve been approved, trust us, it’s in both of our interest to move quickly.

We do our best to credit the one who submitted the app idea first.

You must be 18 years or older to participate. If you are under 18 and have your parent or guardian submit the idea under their name, you can still participate.

We use these four criteria when judging an application.

Originality. Is it a new idea? Or a new spin on an old idea? Or an old spin on a new idea? Be sure to do your homework. We’ve had some great ideas that had to stop halfway because someone beat us to the punch.

Functionality. There’s two parts of this one. First, does it take advantage of the unique functions of the iPhone, iPad, or any Android Device? Second, is it functional? Will people want to use it because it meets a need?

Simplicity. Another two parts. Part one: is it simple to use? Part two: It is very hard and time consuming to develop or is it a realistic App idea?

Revenue Opportunity. Will people pay $.99 for it? Will they pay $9.99 for it? Is this the kind of application that advertisers would pay to include their brand in? Will this application generate valuable data? Will it make money? Will it build a user base of millions of people?

We will contact you by email or phone to let you know if your idea has been accepted for Tier 1, Tier 2 or Tier 3 funding. Tier 2 & Tier 3 ideas accepted to the fund requires a Proof of Concept and offers a generous revenue share for 50% – 75% of the net income the app generates. We’ll plan to meet in person or by phone and see if we would be great partners for each other. From there we’ll get the paperwork going and start working together.

Once we review your idea and approve it for funding, we will provide you with a Non-Disclosure & Confidentially Agreement before moving forward with your app. We assure that our intentions are in no way to steal or plagiarize your ideas and believe that everybody should have a chance to be recognized for their creative potential and have the opportunity to share in the profits. If you like, you can contact an Intellectual Property attorney who can help with setting up a company and any legal rights you might have. Let it be known that if your idea has not yet been chosen for production or if it has been rejected, you can request it back at any time. Upon request, all intellectual property and the rights thereof will be returned to you, the submitter, to use how you decide.

Think of a Proof of Concept for your mobile app idea as the architectural blueprint of the house you want to build. Our experienced UX team will take the app idea details you provide and design a stunning feature rich visual mock up of how your app will look, feel and function once it goes live on App Store & Play Store. In most cases we will add even more mobile features to your app idea Proof of Concept that will grow and engage users and generate more revenue. Every app developed starts with a Proof of Concept. Right now your idea is just an idea, in most cases it’s a few sentences or a couple of paragraphs, we’ll create the visual user interface and the full user experience workflow.

If your app idea is approved for funding, it will be given top priority and you will receive your Proof of Concept via email within 7-10 days.

Tier 1 approvals are for the very best app ideas, ideas we think can generate 10 million or more unique users and be marketed to everyone. If we come across a Tier 1 idea, Mobile App Fund will fund 100% of the development costs including the cost to design & wireframe the Proof of Concept, Tier 1 partners receive 25% of the net income generated by the app globally on both iOS & Android. Tier 2 approvals is our most popular Tier and offers a very generous Joint Venture & Revenue Share Agreement for 50% of the net income your app generates and guarantees you a minimum of 50% funding to develop your app. Tier 2 approvals require a one time cost of $995.00 for Proof of Concept prototyping & wire-framing.

For a limited time your app idea can be expedited and instantly approved for Tier 2 funding entitling you to a minimum of 50% of the net income your app generates globally on both iOS App Store & Google Play Store for Android. There is a one time cost of $995.00 for prototyping & wireframes for Proof of Concept with Instant Approval. If you’re serious about your app idea and want to move forward right away, simply click on the Instant Approval link and fill out the form.

We consider net income any revenue your app generates for Mobile App Fund on both iOS & Android including download revenue, In-App Purchase revenue or ad revenue after Apple or Google takes between 15% – 30% App Store Commission. For example if your app cost $.99 cents to download on iOS App Store, Apple will automatically receive $.15 – .30 cents as their App Store commission, the remaining $.70 – $.85 cents is considered to be the net income.

Once your app goes live on iOS App Store & Play Store, you will receive an email every Monday directly from Apple & Google showing you all the app analytics for the prior week. Including how many downloads your app got, how much revenue it generated through In-App Purchases and ads, and even where the downloads are being generated from on a country by country basis. Based on those analytics and your Tier approval, you will be paid quarterly every 90 days.

Every app is different and depending on the details and features it could take anywhere from 2-6 months, once we complete the mobile analysis on your Proof of Concept we will share with you the exact timeline for development, testing & deployment.

You. Because the app idea originated from you, you are the inventor and own all Intellectual Property rights and Source Code.