Get Instantly Approved For Funding

For a limited time you can expedite the approval process for your app idea and get instantly approved for funding with feature rich Prototyping & Wire-Framing for Proof of Concept of your app idea.

You will receive expedited approval including feature rich Wire-Framing and Prototyping with our subject matter experts and within 7-10 days our mobile UX/UI design team will wireframe & storyboard a full-scale visual mockup of your mobile app for Proof of Concept and complete the analysis for funding which qualifies your app to enter seed funding rounds immediately. 

Tier 2 approvals have a one-time cost of $995.00 for Proof of Concept prototyping and you receive 50% of any net income your app generates globally on both iOS & Android, we will then provide a minimum of 50% funding to develop your app for both iOS & Android mobile platforms.

✅ One time cost for Proof of Concept

✅ Feature rich Prototyping & Wire-Frames within 7-10 days

✅ Includes mobile analysis involving subject matter experts

✅ Guaranteed funding for your app on iOS App Store & Google Play Store

✅ Expedited approval process for iOS App Store & Google Play Store.

✅ Receive your NDA and Confidentiality Agreement within 24 hours.

✅ Qualifies your app to enter seed funding rounds immediately.

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Get Instantly Approved for Funding

Tier 2 is our most popular tier approval for funding and is recommended for iOS & Android consumer apps. Continue to checkout for your Proof of Concept and a representative from Mobile App Fund will contact you either by phone or email to learn more about you and the mobile app you would like to develop. We will then email your NDA & Confidentiality Agreement and activate our mobile UX/UI design team to prototype and wire-frame a full scale feature rich visual storyboard mock up of your mobile app including the monetization strategy for In-App Purchases and the mobile architecture strategy for development and deployment.

We will share your Proof of Concept with you within 7-10 days.

Once we complete the prototyping for your Proof of Concept, our subject matter experts will analyze the wireframes using Agile Scrum methodology to determine exactly how long it will take to develop, test & deploy your app on both iOS & Android, how many of our programmers we will need to allocate on the project, and how much funding it will require. The Tier 2 Instant Approval guarantees you a minimum of 50% in development funding in exchange for 50% of the net income your app generates and qualifies your app for seed funding rounds immediately. You will be a 50% owner of any net income your app generates globally on both iOS & Android and Mobile App Fund will be the other 50% owner. Simply click Continue below to proceed for funding.